1 Corinthians 2:16 
God, You know why my heart is vexed.  There is so much I don't understand.  You see me struggling to do the best thing - to recognize the best thing.  You know what I desire.  Forgive me for having desires that do not honor You.

I thank You and praise You.  For you are lifted up above the heavens which You created.  You reign in ALL places.  You are THE MOST HIGH GOD and ARE WORTHY of receiving ALL PRAISE.

God, I thank You for life, love, comfort, hope... All that you have given me - seen and unseen.  I thank You God that You are for me and not against me.  I trust in You.  I ask of You to show me what exactly to ASK for and how specifically to ASK for it.  I ask You and thank You for showing me the "Why" - over and above the "What."  The name of Jesus be praised!  Amen.

This prayer psalm is modeled after the excellent teaching in the following video.  The above is my first prayer psalm.  God bless you!

"What -vs- Why" is explained in the following video.

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