Carrie F. Judd Montgomery - The Prayer of Faith

A remarkable book is stored in The Library of Congress. The book was published in 1880. It is "The Prayer of Faith" by Carrie F. Judd. Thankfully, now we are able to freely access and read this book online.  Here is a link to the remarkable book written by the outstanding woman of faith Carrie F. Judd Montgomery: The Prayer of Faith

A brief synopsis of the life of Carrie F. Judd is contained in the book "Pioneers of Faith" by Dr. Lester Sumrall (Pg. 97-101).  Here is a timeline compiled from the Sumrall synopsis and from Carrie's book The Prayer of Faith.

1858:  Birth - Buffalo, New York
1869:  Born Again
           Confirmed at the Episcopal Church
1873:  Literary Career Began
1876:  Suffered a severe fall on a stone sidewalk
1877:  Attacked by a severe fever - became invalid
           Diagnosed with hyperaesthesia
1878:  Improved to where she could be lifted into a chair "for a little while each day"
           Relapsed into illness and her health "continued to fail"
1879:  Her dear grandmother died at her house after a short illness
           Carrie's weakness was so great that she could only speak in a whisper and sometimes
                   could only move her lips.  Her body was wasting away to death.
           Carrie learned of "wonderful cures performed in answer to the prayers of
                   Mrs. Edward Mix" of Wolcottville Connecticut.
           Carrie's sister Eva corresponded with Mrs. Edward Mix about healing for Carrie in
                  the name of Jesus Christ
           Mrs. Edward Mix responded with prayer and instruction via correspondence
           Carrie was healed by faith in Jesus Christ
1880:  Carrie wrote "The Prayer of Faith"
1881:  Founded "Triumphs of Faith" Magazine
1890:  Moved to Oakland
           Married George S. Montgomery
1893:  Established the "Home of Peace" for the housing and care of missionaries
1894:  Established "Shalom Training School" to train missionary candidates
1895:  Established orphanage which housed an average of fifty to one hundred children
1908:  Handed operation of orphanage over to the Salvation Army
1908:  Received The Holy Spirit gift of tongues (Acts 19:6, 1 Corinthians 14:1-21, Acts 2:4)
           "Filled with a remarkable love for the Chinese"
           "A number of Chinese understood her speaking in the Chinese tongue under
                     the power of the Spirit of God."
1909:  Embarked on a missionary trip around the world
           Published articles about the outpouring of The Holy Spirit all over the world
           After her husband passed away, she ran her home for missionaries by herself
1934:  Met Dr. Lester Sumrall when he stayed at her "Home of Peace" in Oakland, California
           Faithfully served The Lord Jesus Christ through the end of her earthly life
1946:  Passed away

Carrie F. Judd Montgomery "believed in speaking in tongues, but she felt that some people in the Pentecostal movement had put too much emphasis on it.  She kept her emphasis on unity and love."
~ Dr. Lester Sumrall, "Pioneers of Faith" (Pg. 101).

God bless you!

Glory to God!
Romans 11:36

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