Only Christ Can Keep Us From Slacking

If you slack off on a day of distress,
    your strength is small indeed.
Yes, rescue those being dragged off to death —
    won’t you save those about to be killed?
If you say, “We knew nothing about it,”
    won’t he who weighs hearts discern it?
Yes, he who guards you will know it
    and repay each one as his deeds deserve.
Proverbs 24:10-12 CJB

Today is "a day of distress."  The only rescue for "those being dragged off to death" is faith in Jesus Christ.  He is the only one who can "save those about to be killed."

Those of us who know The Truth:  Do we not know this to be true?

"He who weighs hearts" can most certainly discern our understanding.

We can do nothing in our own strength.  We need the help of Christ.  Only The Holy Spirit can keep us from slacking on this day of distress.  Let us pray and receive His mighty help today.

"Who Cares?" is an illustration of General William Booth's vision depicting the apparent lack of concern over the fate of lost souls. Click the image to learn more.

PRAYER:  Father God, in the mighty name of Jesus.  Thank you for helping us to overcome our fleshly desires.  Thank you for searching our hearts, molding us per Your will, leading us, and emboldening us to be witnesses of The Truth in these days of distress.  Please let us not shy away from Your opportunities.  Please remove the distractions from our minds and keep us focused on Your perfect will - to lift up and live in the example of Your Son Christ Jesus in Your Word.  In every thing - in every way - we seek to serve You.  We are in need of understanding.  We need to understand Your will clearly.  Please God, help us to understand and serve You as You please.  Thank You for guarding us.  Please help us not to be slackers.  Our strength is small indeed.  But You are mighty.  Thank you for loving us and being patient with us.  Thank You for forgiving us and saving us.  Thank You for helping us lead as many as possible to their rescue in Christ Jesus.  Amen.

"Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:"  Isaiah 59:1

Thank you Father for your righteousness in Christ Jesus.

Image credit:  Missions

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